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By-Nishtha Trivedi


The whole world is sitting inside their house for protecting themselves from the deadly virus but they don’t know that they are not actually protected and safe. We don’t have a deadly virus roaming outside to catch hold of us but this not the only problem we have. we have another major problem too that is people who are harming us i.e. those who are committing crimes. there not only cyber-crimes happening out there but types of crimes too like killing, rape etc. The spread of novel coronavirus has created a great economical and life loss in the whole world. But there is a great fear due to this COVID-19 pandemic there is surplus increase in crime cases in the country. As per the guidelines of the Indian government ever corporate, business and education should be done from home only “work from home”. Due to this also the chances of getting trapped in the cyber-crime has drastically increased. In this lockdown time there is an increase in fake apps, domain names etc. People are sitting at home without any work since last 2 months so their brains do not process as usual and as it is said “an empty mind is a home for devils”. So, people those who have knowledge about technology and computers starts doing some illegal work just for fun which would ruins one’s life. The technology is really helpful and informative but it can lead to a drastic change in your life towards a negative end. As ever person is trapped in their house each and every person wants to be fully updated on the latest news, trends etc.

Also, people are connecting to everyone with the help of technology which could be dangerous as their electronic items can be hacked and there would disclose their privacy. Due to this the person using internet for getting information can also lose their personal details to the unknown world for example if a person visits a page which is not secured (https) he/she might give their information to the cyber attacker. So as the internet is useful to increase connectivity it is also dangerous on the hand. Beside people sitting idle, have started surfing a lot on internet and the hackers can have hack the track record of that. After collecting all such type of data’s hackers misuse them for their own benefits which would lead to committing suicide of the victim.

A research says in this lockdown period a person spends average 6 hours on the internet. As the time spend on the internet increases the chances of getting affected by the cyber-attack increases.

How the cyber-crime affects the work from home policy?

Every organization big or small has started this work from home policy. This has increased the security risk as the public uses their laptops and computer at home and each gadget does not have same security in it. This results in loss of confidential data to the wrong hands.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to protect yourself from cyber attacks


  • Do not open an unknown links or pages. This may create high security risk for your data

  • There are some steps to check the authenticity of the website i.e.

  • HTTP is not a secured page

  • HTTPS is a secured page

  • Whenever you give your email id an any place. Change the password after the work is done

  • Look for the reliable content/information on internet is it is possible double check that then you should check it twice.

  • Do not install unwanted apps to your gadget

This was all about cyber crime but apart from this domestic violence is also increased by the time. As per a research domestic violence cases have increased drastically in this lockdown. In the second week of April, the Delhi police recorded over 2446 case of women abuse at home. Out of them 600 were women abuse,23 call was of rape case, while a majority 1612 were of Domestic violence this clearly shows a rise in the domestic violence case in the country.

The main reason of the increase in domestic violence cases is frustration and psychological trauma during lockdown period as there is no work and people are not adapted to these kind of life style as people are trapped at home especially those who are addicted Lost’s their control on themselves which would lead to domestic violence. Also, the poor families suffer from a really hard period so the males of the family get frustrated and harms the members of family. And family of such peoples can not even go out of their house in a safe place. Concluding, lockdown has many positive effects on us that is the pollution has decreased, increase in social networking and many more but on the other side due to lockdown thee is a drastic increase in crimes especially domestic violence and cyber crime which is really an important aspect to think upon. People are not safe anywhere neither outside of their house nor in their house. It is important to understand and consider this point too, to be safe.

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