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We offer various Internship opportunities to all. Our internships are aimed at providing the best possible opportunities to anyone who wishes to join us. We are accepting Applications for the following positions :-


1. Researcher  : As a Legal Researcher you shall work very closely with the team by assisting them in designing the Certificate Courses, preparing Research Articles, Research Papers, Judgement summary and various contents and thus it shall be a very vital position. You  shall be offered certain tasks which you will have to research, compile and provide us. 


2. Content Writer : As a content writer you will be involved in  preparing content for our Website which shall be viewed by various viewers. Essentially your task involves the creation of content for our website by writing blogs and  short write-ups which shall be regularly published on the same. 


3. Legal Correspondent  : As a Legal Correspondent you shall prepare various videos on legal topics and legal news which shall be uploaded in our YouTube channel and website regularly.

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