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"Indian Legal Wing (ILW) is the soul of the Legal Platform, connecting Layman to Lawman , voicing their aspirations. Law is the pulse of  Society and Indian Legal Wing is  –living, rising and growing with the law"


We are a legal platform where we aim to cater to the exclusive needs of legal personalities and whoever takes interest in knowing law. We curate legal knowledge in such a way that legal perspectives are easy enough to get in one go, keeping in mind our aim of connecting a layman to lawman. Along with that, various facilities and opportunities provided by us is absolutely an extra cheesy dip to your fries!


With a distinct flavour of law, we provide an exciting collection of well researched and valuable articles, blogs, study materials and a lot more! Along with that, we keep you updated with the latest legal updates. Juristic opinions along with analytical and incisive insights are add on in your reach. To make our connections more engaging, we organize events, competitions and other activities from the viewpoint of law which are insightful entertaining, we promise. All one has to do is reach us out. With the ambition of making the legal field easy for common masses, we spread our wings to take off and dream to fly high, having each one of our e-visitors on board.







The Experience was actually amazing, it was a virtual internship. In the beginning, I was introduced to the internship how to go about it and what all I had to do as a legal correspondent as I was doing this for the very first time. My only tasks as a legal correspondent were to prepare weekly legal updates and create law-related videos on basic legal topics to help laymen understand the law in simple language, for youtube.  There were no pressures and stress put on me. I did not feel overburdened. Not like the other firms where you have to work tirelessly, here the working atmosphere was really nice. I gained valuable experience, learned how to manage my time and how to organize work to  maximize efficiency. It helped me to improve my speaking skills which are actually indispensable in a law career and we need to be confident.

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