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We at Indian Legal Wing believe in the concept of providing information and resources to law students , legal professional, Lawman to Layman and common masses. The website is for information/educational purposes only and no part thereof shall be construed as ‘legal opinion’. The facilities provided on the website are the exclusive property of the Indian Legal Wing and no part of it may be reproduced without the express written permission of the author. The blogs, news, articles provided herein are reproduced ‘as in’ and the links to the same are directed towards the source website. The Indian Legal Wing does not claim any copyright in the articles, so sourced, or the pictures used on the website. In case any individual/ website has an objection to the use of the respective copyright material, they may contact us and we assure that the same would be removed from the website. The author claims no copyright in the text of the judgment cited, referred, or discuss on the website.

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