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By- Adeeba Hussain.

Credit- The Diplomat

If we look at the Afghan history through the prism of an outsider its course of history changed from the 1970. The Soviet invasion in 1979 started power struggle within the Afghanistan. Soon after few years the US-backed Mujahideen groups seized the power from the government. Among the most prominent Militia groups was the Taliban founded by the Mullah Omar in 1994. Taliban grabbed the power by hanging the elected Afghan president Mohammad Najibullah. Then after the Taliban started ruling the Afghanistan which is seen as the darkest Period in the Afghan history. Initially the US government backed the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was only after 9/11 that it turned against the Taliban claiming that it was protecting Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda.

Finally after 18 years of conflict which has ravaged the country a deal has been struck between the US and the Taliban. The four agreement mentions nothing about the development and safety of the Afghan population. It only talks about systematic and proportionate withdrawal of foreign troops from the Afghan soil. Next deal clearly mentions that the Afghan soil must not be used by the extremist groups conspiring against the US and its allies. Openly a one sided deal which gives no benefit to the local population who have bear the brunt of the nearly 17 years of war.

According to UN report more than one more than 1 lakh people have been killed in the war over the 10 years. According to an ICRC survey from 2009, almost all Afghans 96% have been directly or indirectly affected as a result of the immediate or wider consequences of war; nearly half (45%) of those interviewed had seen a family member killed and a third (35%) has been wounded in fighting. Despite the deal coming into force civilian casualties Rose by more than a quarter this year when compared with May last year according to a report by the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan.

During the Taliban rule condition of women in particular was pathetic. They denied the women several freedoms including the right to education. Restrictions was so severe that women were not even allowed to step out of their homes. The violation of norms put in place would lead to severe punishment such as stoning to death or even amputation of certain body parts. The population of minorities significantly dropped during the Taliban rule. Responsible for the killings of several thousands of people of Hazara community as well as of Shias. The condition of Afghanistan was gloomy. The so-called torch bearers of liberty specifically the Western Civilization turned a blind eye towards the blatant human Rights violations taking place in Afghanistan. It was only when the US was attacked in 9/11 that it thought that it was necessary to bring Taliban into control. US who was eventually supporting the Taliban turned an adversary of it .

On 7th October 9 2001 NATO invaded Afghanistan hence kicking of the longest war in the US history. 2001 Taliban ruled nearly three fourth of the Afghanistan. the Northern Alliance it was fighting the Afghan civil war since 1996. Founded by Ahmed Shah Masood and Abdul Rashid Dostum who were famous for their liberal modern ideas. They were defeated in 1998. The presence of the foreign troops on the Afghan soil did not help in ameliorating the situation. Did the signing of the deal meant that Taliban gave reliable assurance to the US and its allies that it will respect the rights of the Afghan population. The answer is no the document doesn’t contain any reliable Assurance from the Taliban regarding this issue. The deal is only a type of political stunt by the President Donald Trump keeping mind the November elections to win the hard core far right fan base. It is a kind of betrayal for the Afghan people by giving their future into the hands of an extremist fundamentalist group who many claim responsible for the mass bloodshed. It does not contain any prospects of peace talks between the various rival groups with and Afghanistan specially between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The deal doesn’t represent the will of the Afghan people not addressed the plight of the Afghan people to bring the perpetrators of crime to justice. It is brazenly a game of power play and abdication of responsibility. The deal also doesn’t talks about any educational or economic incentive given to the local population by the allies. It also doesn’t talks about the compensation for the ramifications of the war. And most importantly doesn’t provides any road map of talks between the Taliban and Afghan government and even not even a power sharing agreement between them. This deal is a farce is as it does not represent the will of the Afghanistan people it only represents the wishes of the foreign powers imposed upon the Afghan people. It would have been credible if it would have taken the viewpoint of the Afghan population who by any means do not want another Taliban rule. Future of the deal is uncertain as that and its future is somewhat similar to what happened to Iran Nuclear deal.

Intra Afghan talks which started in February till now have not yielded any solid result. Special provisions need to be incorporated regarding protection of religious minorities as well as sectarian minorities like Shias and Hazaras. Rights of the women and transgender should be respected and their violation should invite rigorous punishment. Most importantly focus should be made on education with special emphasis on modern, liberal and secular ideas and it should be made universally accessible without any discrimination. Reservations should be made in made Afghan Parliament to ensure adequate representation of women and of both religious and sectarian minorities. Principle of rule of law and democratic spirit should be imbibed in the society. Religious extremism should be checked and be kept in control. Those people who want to give up fighting and join the mainstream special rehabilitation facilities and counselling centres should be established in short amnesty should be given to them. It's high time, the people of Afghanistan should now declare themselves free and independent and take the control of their destiny.

Though hawks in Washington have finally understood the longest war in US history cannot be ended in a battleground which costing American taxpayers some 45 billion dollars per year. However US hasn't learned it's lessons. As Noam CHOMSKY once asserted that America owes huge reparations to Afghans for the damage which they caused to their country without achieving anything.

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